Christ Life Ministries



Dear Father in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness now.

I believe that Jesus Christ shed His precious sinless blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and that He rose from the dead as my Lord and Saviour. the firstborn of the Body of believers, His church.

You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in my heart that Father God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved.

Right now I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am Born Again to newness of life in Jesus Christ.

Thank you Jesus for dying and shedding your blood and saving me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace has given me a new life and that I will be with you forever.

Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life. AMEN.